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All masseurs at our Bangalore Massage Center are expert professionals and they themselves go under rigorous training of 3 – 4 months. All our senior therapists take upon themselves to train whoever is new.  And all the masseurs hired with us do it with utmost dedication. We only believe in one motto and strictly live by it, “Your Pleasure is our desire “.
We only use high quality oil and hand pick other products to keep in mind your well being and health. We are loved and recommended by our customers, making us a popular name when it comes to spas and massage in Bangalore.
All our masseurs focus on giving a relieving experience to all the customers which will be helpful in many ways from reducing the stress, taking good care of the body, health benefits, some new experience and extra pleasure. All the benefits of massage we have discussed later down the page, which you may check.

Our stand out points which you will find in very few spas are;

1. Complete Safety in terms of health issues.
2. 10+ services and massages to choose from.
3. 5 Massage centres across Bangalore.
4. Total Privacy guaranteed , even we don’t interfere in your session.
5. Some international services , massages which will save you 1000’s of Dollars on foreign trip.
6. 500+ satisfied customers
7. Services catering your needs ranging from health issues to complete pleasure.

What is Best Body Massage In Bangalore?

Best Body Massage In Bangalore

Body massage is not something new, it finds its roots way back in Ancient History Of India. For centuries it has been looked at as a way of recovery for human body from pain and way of keeping it relaxed and strong.

At our massage centre in Bangalore, we believe that customer should leave satisfied and delighted, no matter what his/her concern is.

In simple words, body massage is most traditional form of pain relief and pain killer.

We provide various types of massage to meet variety of needs of different individuals.

Our Best Body massage in Bangalore by male or female ( masseur of your choice ) will be a rejuvenating experience which is 100% safe as compared to all the clinical procedures wherein you have to go through lot of pain and take heavy dose of pills and antibiotics.

This is safe for anyone and everyone and just in case you have certain injury or special scenario , we have special massages for you as well.

If you want to opt for out Special Massage Services like;

1. Body To Body Massage
2. Female To Male Body Massage
3. Thai Massage
4. Four Hand Massage / Sandwich massage.

These are amongest our special erotic massages that will give you a experience of lifetime.

Contact us now and book an appointment.

Body Massage Benefits

Well Needless to say Body massage has n – number of benefits , we have listed them down all here one by one. If any of the effect or benefit of massage listed below excites you or at least makes you curious, the feel free to contact us to book an appointment with us at our Best body Massage in Bangalore.

Health Benefits;

Our Body Massage center in Bangalore can keep you healthy and fit by relaxing all your muscles and nerves. Massage also, opens up all body pores for fresh oxygen and air where your body / also your skin can breathe.

 Relief From Stress & Anxiety

Whether its your boss, wife, girlfriend or pressure from your business, our expert masseurs will help you forget all of that in couple of minutes. Our female masseurs are trained in stress relief massage. No matter what’s your current struggle in life, you need some time away from everything just to relax and pamper your body and get back stronger and better.

Body massage can even help cure depression, and in the current age when people are living rapid life, carelessly like machines, depression is rising
exponentially. Our soothing massage with hot oil, and slight touches can calm you down and release your anxiety and depression.

According To WHO; 300 million people have depression & it is also calculated that, 17 – 20% of adult population will experience depression / anxiety related disorders at some stage of their life.

Cure Insomnia

Rising stress/anxiety have direct effect on your sleep and cause insomnia among thousands of people. Which will leave you, deprived of sleep and leave you alone wandering in dark with sleepless nights.

Our Massage will not only cure your anxiety but also cure your sleeping problems and leave you with a sound sleeping cycle. However, this will not be cured in one go, so you might have to get our special massage plan for sleep deprived which will go upto 3 – 4 meetings. But you will be seeing effect and improvement right from your first visit.

Eliminate Toxins From Your Body

We were unaware of this benefit of massage unless one of our customers gave us a review, saying “ My breathing problem is now little better unknowingly, and only thing I changed in my lifestyle was getting frequent massage sessions at Heaven Body Relax Spa“.

Reduce Fatigue

We have lot of doctors, corporate people and housewives opting for massage with fatigues as their biggest reason. And we have helped them ease their body, and reduce the age that their body had gained more than their actual age.

Fatigue is generally is misconceptualized as not being able to do things physically, while in actual sense it is just lack of energy and excessive feeling of tiredness. You have the will to do things, you have the ability and capacity just that your body doesn’t support you coz it is over-exhausted and every task feels like huge burden.

But don’t worry we have senior female and male specialists to release fatigue from your body, with help of pressing right points on your body with knowledge of acupuncture. We also have special service as female to male body massage in Bangalore.

Lower Blood Pressure

We have lot of blood pressure patients delighted with our service and returning again and again. We have heard many saying, that they don’t even take any blood pressure pills or tablets and leaving a very stable life.

As our massage is very soothing and relaxing, in its own way and very unique than most others with the perfect combination of right oil and products, expert masseurs and sensual massage.


After yoga, Body massage is one such free way to relax your body and add some flexibility to your tightly held up and rigid body. This is a special amongst athletes and sports persons.

They prefer massage with us for the same reason again and again. They have seen increase in their flexibility, stamina, endurance and swiftness on the field.

Join us or call now to book at our Bangalore massage Centre, if you have issues coz of rigidity of you body. ( This covers all problems ranging from back ache, neck problem, pain in lower leg and thighs )

Types of Body Massage In Bangalore At Our Centre

We have pro men and women, who will use their skill which they have learnt over years during 1 – 2 hour of personal session with you.

Female To Male Body Massage: Our Most Popular Service

This is one of our most popular service over the years, since we introduced this service in 2015, this has been talk amongst our customers. We have female masseurs you can choose from who will give you special massage, enough to give you pleasure of lifetime.

Read more about this massage here >>

Body To Body Massage: Special Service

In this, our customers/clients have had maximum satisfaction and utmost pleasure where in female masseur massages you using all her body endnote just hands.

Read more about this special service here >>

Foot Massage: Rare find!

Rarely , and in very limited massage centres in Bangalore will you find this type of massage. In this our female masseuse will relax your body with her foot instead of her hands. She will use her feet to apply proper pressure while keeping it very sensual.

This is something unique but a must try as, it would be a unique experience and gentle feet applying adequate amount of pressure on your body at right places.

Thai Massage

As the most popular massage on the internet and most talked about, we provide this massage in our Bangalore massage centre. We consider this as our speciality as not many massage centres in Bangalore provide this. Thai massage has been popular from the Bangkok culture and thus we adopted it so that you get pleasure of being in Bangkok, while in Bangalore.

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Deep Tissue Massage

This is one of its kind massage in which we train our masseurs for over 3 months. As the name suggests this massage helps reach deep tissues of your skin which don’t generally get enough care and attention.

This is the best massage if you want to deal with chronic pains, lower back pains, posture problems. Also, this massage helps in dealing with skin problems like scars and lumps of dead tissue on skin. Your skins dead tissues are removed and skin pores open up to fresh oxygen.

In this, we use hot oil and apply pressure on right areas to let the impact sink down to deep areas of your skin which are rarely reached out to. However, this will be slightly hurtful. But once you are done with your session, you will feel relaxation that you might not have experienced in your lifetime.

Sandwich Massage

Sandwich Massage In Bangalore

This is a massage wherein, two girls will only and only focus on you. This is very soothing and makes use of lot of soap and thus sloppy and sensual while four hands of extremely hot girls seductively and sensually work wonders on your bare body, which guarantees a erotic massage and extreme arousal to happy ending.

Don’t go by our words, our customers speak for us. Having, served over 500 customers, over 7 years across 5 centres of Bangalore with 70+ models , we have become industry leaders and experts on what works best and what is loved by most people and popular amongest men in Bangalore.

To avail special discount and experience any of massage mentioned above , book immediately !

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